Why Some Insurance Claims are Being Refused to Homeowners and Motorists

If you fail to notice something in the small print, your home or car might not be protected by your insurance policy. Any unusual information should be included when you take out a policy, even if you are not sure that it’s relevant. It’s too much of a risk to leave out any details because your insurance company could refuse a future claim.

It is the role of a loss assessor to know whether an insurer is justified in rejecting a claim. Still, the Association of British Insurers puts the responsibility firmly on the customer to ensure that appropriate answers are given to every question on an insurance form.

Home Insurance Claims

A home contents policy will generally cover any item that could be removed from your home. However, there are some less usual items that you might have in your home that are not covered.

Some insurance claims are quite unusual. One of them involved a man who wore an expensive wig that was damaged when a pot of paint fell on his head. Another claim was over damage to property caused by someone using a mechanical digger and losing control of it. There was even a claim for damage to a garden shed caused by a cow crash-landing on it.

However, it is the commonplace things that should be considered when buying home insurance. You need to know if there is a restriction on the total amount of valuable items you can claim or limit on a particular type of item.

You may not know that you need to pay a higher premium if your home has a flat roof, or if more than a quarter of the roof has a flat surface. This is because a flat roof is more prone to leaking.

You might think that if you damaged a household item while you were in the garden, it would be covered by your home insurance applies. This is not always the case, and some insurers might say that a mobile device you dropped in the garden was not covered because the damage happened when it outside your home.

A loss assessor can help you if you make a claim on your insurance, and the response you receive looks like the insurance company is trying to shortchange you.

Motoring Insurance Claims

If you drive a vehicle, you don’t want to make a costly mistake by being unaware of what exactly is covered by your insurance. For instance, many thousands of motorists each year discover that their insurance does not cover damage caused to a car by accidentally filling it with the wrong sort of fuel.

You might not be aware that insurers consider buying a different type of car increases your risk of being involved in a crash because you will not be so familiar with the car you are driving. You, therefore, need to know whether higher premiums are required to be paid in the first year of owning a vehicle.

There are technical details in terms of a motor insurance policy that means any slight alteration to your car will leave you without any cover, so it is not a surprise insurance loss assessors reported a boom in business in 2014.

An insurance specialist with the AA has pointed out a number of modifications to a car that should be declared on any car insurance policy. If you fit alloy wheels, for example, add some stripes to your car or fit a roof rack, you must declare this to your insurance company.

If you fail to notify the insurance company of a modification to your car, you might find out when things go wrong that your policy is not valid.

One insurance company even counted a religious sticker as being a modification that the motorist had not informed them about, so the policy was considered to be invalid.

With the help of a loss assessor, you can make sure that you are fairly compensated by an insurer.

When buying insurance, it’s always better, to be honest, but you also need to be aware of the details you need to declare.