Imagine having the worry of not being able to pay your mortgage due to an unforeseeable accident, sickness or being made redundant and how much pressure that can put on both yourself and your family.

Our Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance is an insurance policy which will cover the repayments on your mortgage / rent (and sometimes a little extra) for a period of up to twelve months due to you being unable to work because of Unemployment, Sickness or Accident.

Here at UK Life Insurance Solutions, we have flexible Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance policies to suit everyone which helps to ease the worries when the unexpected happens.

Both you and your partner are able to be covered on the same policy for complete peace of mind.

Mortgage Payment Insurance is also known as accident, sickness and unemployment (ASU) and is designed as a short term insurance policy which pays you a tax free monthly income.

The payment duration of these UK insurance policies is usually 1 to 2 years and they are often directly linked to your mortgage, income or loans / liabilities.

Whilst no one ever plans to become ill or unable to work, you never know what could happen just around the corner and with our Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance you can feel safe in the knowledge that your mortgage or rent payments will be covered (up to 150% policy dependant) with also a little left to spare for those important bills and expenses, and policies usually run for between 12 to 24 months depending on your insurance policy agreement.

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