Here are our most commonly asked questions about life insurance.

How can I obtain a quote from you?

You simply fill in our short online life insurance quote form and click submit, after a short time you will be able to view all your quotes. You can then speak with one of our friendly protection advisers who can answer any questions you may have and even take you through the application process.

What if I have already had a cheaper quote from somewhere else?

If you have already had a like for like insurance quote that is cheaper than ours then please fill in our Life Insurance Quote Form and when speaking to an advisor be sure to mention your previous quote(s).
Give us a try, you could be very pleased with the results.

Do I need to speak to an advisor to obtain my quote?

Absolutely yes. You cannot by insurance without speaking to an advisor whether they are qualified or not.
This is to ensure compliance with the FSA and reduces the risk of you purchasing a policy that is not suitable for you.

It is important to remember that all our advisors are fully qualified and are not just sales people. You will be given sound, impartial protection advice and our advisors are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Do you charge a fee for your services?

No, we do not charge you for comparing quotes but we may receive a commission payment from your insurance provider should you purchase a policy through us..

I have just recently given up smoking, can I declare myself as a none smoker?

Most of our insurance providers will only regard you as a none smoker if you have not used any tobacco products within the last twelve months otherwise you are classed as a Life Insurance Smoker.
If you have used any tobacco products within the last twelve month then you will need to fill out our online Smokers Life Insurance quote form.

Will I need to go for a medical examination?

Once you have decided to go ahead and purchase your life insurance policy we will pass on your application to the insurance provider. A medical underwriter will then examine your application and based on this information, the insurance provider will either accept your application immediately or request a medical report from your GP (General Practitioner). The insurance provider may also request that you undertake a medical examination but this will be paid for by them and you can request to view this before it is passed on to the insurance company.