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Here at UK Life Insurance Solutions our company mission is quite simple. We aim to provide the most competitive online UK Life insurance quotes for all our visitors. Our staff are trained to a very high and knowledgeable standard and we pride ourselves in always providing a friendly and efficient service to all our customers.

Life Insurance

Could your family or loved ones survive financially should the unfortunate happen?
UK Life Insurance can help ease the financial pressures after your death. These policies pay out a lump sum of money to cover a mortgage or help pay any debts or inconveniences you leave behind.
As well as Smokers Life Insurance we also offer quotes for term life insurance, level, increasing & decreasing. For a free, no obligation online UK life insurance quote click the button below.

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Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover is an insurance policy which covers you should you suffer or be diagnosed with a critical illness and no longer be able to work.
It pays out a lump sum of money upon diagnosis which can help to cover your household bills, continue any loan repayments and to help maintain your current quality of life.

Should you require any rehabilitation or specialist medical care then our critical illness insurance is ideal for you. Combining your Critical illness and UK Life insurance together can reduce your premiums compared to paying for them separately.

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Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance is an insurance policy which pays you a tax free monthly income should you have an accident that causes you to be unable to work. This policy usually has a term of 12 or 24 months depending upon the policy and the insurance provider and is normally linked to your Mortgage (Mortgage Payment Protection), Income (Income payment protection) or any outstanding loan repayments.

It also usually pays a little extra to help you cope with any household bills you may have.

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Mortgage Cover

What if you became unemployed, had an accident or suffered an illness and are unable to work? Would you be able to continue paying the mortgage? Here at UK Life Insurance Solutions we have some fantastic UK Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance that pays out a monthly income to cover your mortgage and usually a

little left over to cover some bills. This UK insurance is also known as Accident, Sickness and Unemployment insurance or ‘ASU’ for short.

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Income Protection

Income Protection Insurance pays out a monthly income should you no longer be able to go out to work due to illness or disability. Even having just a short time out of work can have a huge effect on your income and lifestyle. Would you be able to continue paying the mortgage or any debt repayments you have?

UK Income protection insurance typically pays between 50-65% of your monthly income until your chosen retirement age or until you return to work.

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Unemployment Insurance

What if you where to become unemployed or made redundant through no fault of your own. Would you and your family cope financially? Could you continue with your mortgage payments, outstanding loan repayments or finance arrangements? Redundancy Cover pays you

a monthly income to help you cope with these difficult times and here at UK Life Insurance Solutions you can get an online quote for your Unemployment Insurance within minutes and compare quotes from many of the leading Insurance Providers.

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